Tuesday, February 15, 2011

special project: playhouse

When I'm under stress or if I feel overwhelmed, I create.  It releases tension for me.  Especially if I'm  building things that require manual labor. 

I have several projects going right now..  :)

project #1: kids' playhouse

Our natural playscape isn't coming along the way I'd envisioned it.  I'm not following very many of my 10 Ideas for a DIY Playscape.  We don't plan on being in this house very long and it doesn't make sense to tear up the weedy grass to plant my dream garden or build a small hill, or install a rock monolith.  So, like everyone else, we make do with what we have; and improve as we are able.

But we can build a playhouse and take it with us when we leave!

inspiration website:
a place imagined

inspiration photos:
photo 1: Braj and I spent a summer building these houses for Amor Ministries in Juarez, Mexico.  We've always wanted our very own.

photo 2: Love the way it's situated and the Japanese style.  LOVE the bamboo.  Can be used for a very long time, not just a preschool playhouse.

photo 3: Love the climbing wall idea and that it is a little quirky but still easy to build.

Construction, phase 1:

to be continued...


juneheller said...

David is going to kill you. I can't stop emailing him links to super expensive but beyond adorable playhouses.

Holly D. Gomez said...

Can't wait to see what you do!

ziondreamer said...

I'm so excited to see the finished product.
We moved to Alabama.
I will have to call you and catch up :0

Finally we have a little bit of room to spread out. 5 acres with a creek and a "bamboo forest" (the kids call it).
Creighton is making plans to create an Ewok village somewhere in there. So excited.

PS, I am homeschooling now. Amazing.



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