Friday, January 11, 2008

acacia's treehouse nursery

I know she's almost one, but I realized you never got a glimpse into Acacia's secret hideaway. It's nothing spectacular, but it's hers, and it's homemade (mostly)!

That beautiful quilt is an heirloom made by my dad's grandmother. AWESOME!

My favorite nook: Her fuzzy wuzzy on the bench, from Ikea. A-C-A-C-I-A spelled out on small chalkboards. The yummy mango tree outside her window. The "why God made little girls" plaque from a church bazaar that hung over my mom's crib. And the metal moravian star we bought on our honeymoon to San Miguel de Allende over seven years ago!

I love the paper star garland we got on our babymoon at the 10,000 Villages store in Montreat.

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