Monday, March 17, 2008

i love to sew!

I have been having a blast with my Grandma Roby's bernina sewing machine! I have many projects going on these days, but for now, I will just show you my current favorite.
Matching mother-daughter hippie shirts. I cannot express how much I love these. Last Friday night on our family date night, Acacia and I sported our new digs and got so many complements and stares. At one point, she even had a small crowd gathered around her. I will try to get a good picture of us in them.

I also repurposed an old wool/silk blend cardigan into pants for the muffin. I just took off the sleeves, tore the inside seams about three or four inches and sewed them together. Then I stuck in some no-roll elastic and presto... wool/silk blend leggings!


Chelsea Hudson said...

oh man i am so jealous.. I want a sewing machine and want to sew too!!!! So cute! did you make her little house on the prairie dress too? wish you were closer too so we could have some serious girl time this week! :) thanks for the comment!!

juneheller said...

sew adorable.


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