Monday, March 24, 2008

lessons in landscaping

I love landscaping. I've never really had my own space to go wild designing, but for as long as I can remember I have loved landscaping. One of my favorite pastimes as a little girl was going to the creek by our house and rearranging the rocks so it would flow better. I'd clear out the debris, do some weeding, and try to make a little waterfall. That is, until my brothers and I found an old bra one day. Hmmmm?

I am pretty sure I inherited this secret passion for landscaping from my parents. I recall many a Saturday taking trips to the nursery with dad and then coming back home and planting new flowers. I have very vivid memories of our back yard on Arborside Drive. The brick pathway my dad put together and the moss he to grow in between the bricks, the mint growing rampant around the grill, the secret sitting nook with spray painted black iron furniture. Great memories.

Well, there is a little nursery close by my house called the Log Cabin Nursery. It doubles as an employment venue for adults with mental retardation. I just love going there. I've thought about volunteering for them, or trying to get a job there dozens of times. Even though they've never had a great selection of plants, just being there makes me happy. Well.....

I stopped by there today looking for sea oats for our little patio. I'm totally into native landscaping these days, so I thought I'd see what they had. I am very glad to tell you that they are recently under new management and Rick, the new owner, is doing wonders. He's from Atlanta, just moved here 2 weeks ago and he's already got the place in w-a-y better shape than I've ever seen it. No sea oats, unfortunately, but I told Rick what I know about native plants being all the rage and he was very interested. I gave him the three page print out I brought with me that listed all the cultivated native plants in Miami Beach and he was all over it. He said they are clearing an area that had been for sick plants (he doesn't DO sick plants), and he was trying to decide what to use it for. Now he's thinking about doing an entire native plant section!!!

Is anyone as excited as I am about this?!?! You can click here if you want to know why going native is such a good idea.

This is my imaginary garden, it can be yours too.

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juneheller said...

Help me design a great yard for Miami Shores.


That is, after you find me a part-time nanny.


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