Saturday, March 22, 2008

spring 2008 collection

Finally some shots of the mother-daughter tops. I already have a few orders from the moms in our neighborhood playgroup!


Chelsea Hudson said...

OMG - you are my hero. you rock. i want to go buy a sewing machine right now. miss you!

Gable said...

in an effort to shake the lurker label, i'm taking the plunge. my lurker days are OVER baby.

so those are the cutest shirts i think i've ever seen. why didn't you bring them to dallas? F&L would have eaten that up.

ok so i've decided...when we come to miami, i'm bringing that extra fabric i have from my dining room chairs, and i'm you're going to teach me how to sew something out of it. i'll brainstorm what i want to try and make. adventures with weird aunt shannon who sews prom dresses out of potato sacks and moisturizes her "really really coarse" hair with eco-friendly dishwashing liquid and hand lotion.

can't wait to see you again in a couple of weeks~


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