Monday, April 28, 2008

weanings and rumors of weanings

I have big news.

I think I weaned the muffin.

She had a nasty stomach virus starting Wednesday night and couldn't keep anything down, especially breast milk; so I had to stop nursing her. She had the bug until Saturday morning, so we went two days without nursing and now we're in the "did it really work?" phase. I borrowed a friend's pump and froze some milk in the pedialyte freezer pops plastic, so Acacia could have milkcicles to help avoid dehydration. That worked like a charm to all you breastfeeding mommies.

It's challenging to establish new bedtime and wake up routines for Acacia, and I did have one emotional breakdown on Saturday night. It's such a huge transition in our relationship, it has been such a big part of our bonding these 15 months. But, Acacia is growing up and I am so happy for her. I want to encourage her and be there for her while helping her grow into maturity.

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juneheller said... rock, Shannon.


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