Monday, September 29, 2008

this blog's been updated

At the right you may notice two minor changes. The first one, "acacia's biggest fans" is to let me know who's out there lurking. You'll notice that Braj and I are her two very biggest fans, but you can join us. This is a great way to link to your own blog if you have one and want to be linked up with mine. If you're a weirdo-creep, I can block you though. Just so you know.

The other update is the blog roll; it will now be in order based when each blog was updated. If you have a blog that you'd like added, or you know of a good one you think I'd like... just leave a comment!

Gable... it's time. Carpe Diem. Start a blog.


The Clay Family said...

I am back to the blogging world!

Gable said...

but you see, i am not interesting like you. so nobody would read la blog de gable. maybe in a few years when we have a little one we want to brag about, then i'll start. until then, lurker4life.


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