Monday, January 12, 2009

gone into hiding

Jackson's due date has come and gone. My original thoughts/fantasies of going into labor three weeks early are long gone. The tried and true tricks have failed; my baby has decided to hang on a little longer.
Yesterday I had a horrible migraine, a symptom that my hormone levels are changing. Should be a good sign, but I feel like I got hit by a train.
June, to answer your question... we can totally live blog the birth (minus video footage). Perhaps it will give Brandon something to do. Great idea.

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chels said...

I got my yummy jar of chai mix in the mail today - THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I had me an iced chai (its phoenix, so that works in January :) and thought of you. Miss you and sending wishes for a quick, fast, easy, QUICK labor and delivery your way.


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