Friday, January 30, 2009

Mills, party of 4

I know, I'm still lookin' tired... but is that a family you'd like to hang with, or what?!
Brandon is a super stud, he is thriving as a papa of two. He's the whole family's hero. We just love him. Acacia is the best big sister ever; Jackson is totally awesome (he even sleeps!), and I am the very, very happy mother of two. Thank you, God, for this amazing gift, we love You!


Gable said...

probably the most attractive family i've ever seen. and i'm not biased because i'm related to you...hugs!

The Clay Family said...

i'd LOVE to hang with this great family! ;0) We are still rejoicing with you all for your handsome new addition.

lori said...

Welcome, Jackson! You have an awesome family!
Love you all and miss you. It's fun to read your blogs and feel a little caught up. :)
Blessings to the four of you.
lori c.


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