Monday, January 5, 2009

Yes, I'm still pregnant... and other smart comebacks

I just knew I was going to have this baby early. Now here I am, almost 40 weeks (Saturday is my original due date) and at the stage where you get all sorts of strange and inappropriate comments from everyone you come across.

On Sunday, someone actually said, "Boy, I'll be glad when you loose that weight."..... what?!

Of course, there is also the more common, "you look like you're gonna pop!" (gross!!) or "don't have the baby right here!" ( just begs for a dramatic fake-out, doesn't it?). Actually, the comments don't bother me so much, and sometimes they come with a helpful tip on how to get labor progressing. Here's a few that I've tried:

1. long walks
2. eating pineapple
3. eating spicy foods
4. baking cinnamon rolls... yummmmm!
5. washing the car
6. scrubbing the floor
7. going up and down stairs
8. drinking tropical fruit juices

I have yet to try a car ride on a bumpy road or castor oil and I'm not desperate enough to go for acupuncture, but any other random suggestions are welcome.


Gable said...

whatever happened to riding the donkey bareback? any full inns nearby?

just kidding. my suggestion would be scrubbing the floor of your car with spicy, pineapple-flavored cinnamon rolls.

SO excited in anticipation of a new nephew!

shannon said...

That got a very good out loud laugh... perhaps enough to start labor?!
Tomorrow, I'm all over it. Thanks for the tip, Gable.

By the way... I found out you have a blog now and am posting it on blogs I frequent. You're awesome.

Chels said...

um, the, uh, marital bed? it, um, worked like a charm to get Adelaide on the move. :)

Gable said...

well sadly i disabled my blog...kind of sticky with the current job situation. i'll tell you about it later.

juneheller said...

will you be live blogging the birth?


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