Saturday, February 28, 2009

hair follow up

Thanks you all for answering my hair survey. Interesting feedback. Looks like the majority of you think I should turn myself into a makeover show to see if they can help me. It's a great idea, and I'm totally open to that. To those of you that suggested I just shave it all of... is that a dare?! Or were you just trying to see if I was bluffing... because I totally was.

The plan:
At this point my plan is to get some big velcro curlers (thanks for the tip, June) and try that out while keeping the ponytail look going. I'm just not up to buying a hairdryer yet. Then, next time I'm in Dallas, I'll go get my hair cut at a proper salon with someone that I can entrust my new straight locks to.

Keep looking and I'll post pics sometime.


juneheller said...

You can come buy on Tuesday after ballet and borrow my hairdryer and rollers. i won't be using them for a week or so as I am moving and my son is terrified of the blow dyer.

Gable said...

I think you should get hairdryer with a removeable diffuser attachment on the end. That way, you can kindly suggest to your hair that you would like for it to remain wavy. You just look so RIGHT with wavy hair! I read about a great one in this month's O Magazine (oprah's mag) on the plane yesterday. Its green and shaped like a hand. You may want to flip through that issue if you see it on the shelves...I can't seem to find the product on her website.

Branderino said...

Babe. In case you're wondering, I did NOT vote for the shaved head. Baseball caps and ponytails all the way!

typos call me kaite said...

c'mon....shave it, it'll be FUN! i mean seriously. you'll really learn a lot about yourself AND the people around you. trust me...takes on to know one!!


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