Monday, February 9, 2009

life with two

4 weeks into Jackson's life and I can still say that I am loving being a mommy of 2. Not to say that's it is easy; just that I love it. Even last night, when Jackson was super fussy from 9 until 11 and I was EXHAUSTED from the weekend and he "spilled" (that's what Acacia calls throwing up) all over me... still love it, and love both of them; and the Braj.

We moved the rocker downstairs so I could still rock and read to Acacia since Braj puts her to bed at night and I don't get a chance to read to her when I'm putting her down for a nap. I feel like one big, happy family.
On the more practical side of things... I got my double stroller today! I love it and just finished putting it together. It is a Phil & Ted's Sport... if you're looking for one, this website has the best prices I could find, plus free shipping.
It works as a double or singe stroller, so it's very versatile. The configuration I have it in now is baby & toddler. Toddler up front, baby in back. Then, once Jackson is bigger, I'll reconfigure to above picture. And I can take off one seat easily to convert it back to a single. Cool, huh? Strollers sure have come a long way!

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The Clay Family said...

Wow - how cool is that??? Strollers sure HAVE come a long way - even since last year! ;0)We are so thrilled about your growing family... I know I keep saying it - but it's true! ;0) Kinda makes me think we might be ready for another one soon... Who knows??


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