Wednesday, March 4, 2009

book display pocket... finished!

What?! I actually completed a project that I started, no way!
My book pocket is a modified version. I used fabric I had on hand, so it is shorter; and I couldn't find the double ring curtain rod holder, so Braj macgyvered it. Thanks, hon.


Anonymous said...

ok, I need some close up how-to pictures..... how did Braj work out the brackets?

shannon said...

I've got the front dowel in the bracket. The back dowel is a little shorter (it fits in between the rod holder) and it has a small dowel inside it which is resting on top of the rod holder. I'll take a pic after Acacia wakes.

Did you make yours? The right rod holder would make it easier.

I'm thinking about showing it to the children's ministry coordinator... it would be so nice to have a few in the kids' rooms at church.


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