Tuesday, March 10, 2009

hair today, gone next week

Try to look beyond the dark circles under my eyes and the lack of color in my cheeks.

When I said my hair went straight, I mean it really went straight. This is it without a blowdryer or any other straightening tool. I'm planning a haircut when Brandon's parents are here next week. Thanks Mills, hope you don't mind baby sitting.


Gable said...

WHOA shan! that's completely insane.

I think you should try for one more baby and hope the curly hair comes back.

just kiddin':) you're more beautiful than ever.

Pops said...

We can't wait to babysit!

But we agree with Gable that you are beautiful the way you are!

juneheller said...

You look so beautiful. Seriously, straight or curly.

You have to come back over...Dylan's room is completely clean, no boxes.

The Clay Family said...

I can't wait to see your new do! ;0) I really like your hair straight too! Kelli said, "Come see me!" And I say it too ;0). We'd love to replace the crying kids experience with one at the mall playground - or our local park.


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