Friday, March 20, 2009

highlights: mimi & pops visit

Is this the sweetest picture you've ever seen, or what?!

We had a blast with Mimi and Pops (Brandon's parents) last week. Not only did we get to have fun with them... but they were great baby sitters. Braj and I squeezed a date in, I got my hair cut (pics to follow), I had some fantastic time with the Lord, and I got to spend an hour or so cleaning the bathroom. That last one may not sound like fun, but it was very therapeutic. Here's some quick pics:

Acacia pulled the parsley leaves off for Mimi. She loves helping in the kitchen, and she LOVES her Learning Tower. She even helps do dishes. Best purchase yet? Absolutely!

I loved coming home to this after running some errands with Jackson. What could be more fun than playing with shaving cream? Playing with shaving cream with your grandparents!

Jackson's expression in this one is hilarious!

Acacia planted some flower seeds.

"Do you have tickets to the GUN show?"

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