Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My friend, Georgia, snapped this candid shot in church last week.

Kids copy their parents, you know. So I guess I'm busted. Okay, I admit it... I raise my hands in worship.

But after all God has done in my life, I just cannot help myself. Expressing my gratitude to God in worship is the most fulfilling thing on earth.


Georgia said...

she is beautiful just like her mother...xxxxxxxxxxx

ziondreamer said...

You're such a Jesus freak...

She's amazing by the way.

Last week I was leading a song in worship ("Hosanna" Hillsong United) and I looked over at Whitby who was sitting 3 rows back. She was SINGING her little heart out. I choked up and missed half of the second verse.

"Let the children come to me!"

I think they understand, Shannon. I think their little hearts can grasp the thankfulness and reverence and joy of a relationship with God.
At Creighton's Sunday night services, Cosmo asks me to hold him during the songs. He gets really still and holds me tight. Sometimes he sings along. I catch a glimpse of his tender heart for the Lord and I just want to weep!

The Clay Family said...

AMEN!!! There's nothing more beautiful than Jesus' children praising Him!! Acacia & Aria always spur me on in worship as I get to see them from the worship team's viewpoint. If I get this choked up... can you imagine how it just delight's God's heart???


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