Sunday, May 17, 2009

what not to wear...

... apparently sweatpants are not "in", or so I'm told.

In doing some spring cleaning, and following the instructions of SimpleMom, I wanted to make sure that I have what I need to go out in public without people saying "you must really have your hands full!" Do they say that because they see the two young kids, or is it the spit up running down my sweatpants paired with a lovely nursing tank top, the dark circles under my eyes and dishelveled ponytail?

SimpleMom says that there are a few must haves in every busy mom's basic wardrobe. Here's the list:

1. Perfect fitting jeans (got 'em!)
2. Perfect white button down shirt (no thanks!)
3. A tailored blazer (not in Miami)
4. A stylish cardigan (see below)
5. A supportive cami (I wear my bravado nursing tanks every day)
6. A pair of comfortable and stylish flats (does it count if they're corduroy?)
7. A pair of killer heels (surprised... got 'em!)
8. A great t-shirt that's not a gym t-shirt (easy one)
9. Bracelets (earrings can be pulled out easily by little hands, bracelets are safe... hadn't thought of that)
10. Good undergarments (we won't talk about that one here)

After looking over the list, I thought, "Hmmm, a nice thin cardigan would be a great thing to have. I could throw it over my nursing tanks and pretend I'm a normal human." Then as I was cleaning out my wallet, I happened upon an old Anthropologie gift card. It must have been from around the time I got pregnant with Jackson, because otherwise I would have used it for sure. Anyway, I stopped by after church today and scored this awesome, thin cardigan to add to my wardrobe! Best part is that it was on sale, so I still have money left on the card!

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Gable said...

love this post! SimpleMom sounds like she's from me a crisp white button down and blazer with a pair of pumps and perfect jeans! just don't know if i could go without the earrings:)

BUT, more importantly, check out the precious smile and long locks on my niece!

46 days and counting til i get to squeeze you, acaciabear.

tell her i love her.


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