Tuesday, June 23, 2009

awesome weekend

Our friend, Gabe and his new wife Andrea came through Miami on their way back to Uganda, so we got to share our new tradition of Friday Pizza Night with them.

We decided to celebrate Father's Day because Sunday is usually a little hectic with church. So, we had a tasty man-breakfast of bacon, eggs, & cheese grits. Then Acacia and I gave Braj his Bosch goods (see below). We checked out a tiny little rental house with a huge yard and decided it was just too small... even by our standards. We are pretty comfortable in our 1000 sq. feet, I think this was about 850-900 and chopped up. It just would not work for us, even though the yard was amazing. Anyway, the real treat came after naps...

Braj took me to Garcia's Seafood in downtown. We cut dining out from our budget temporarily until we finish pauying off our student loan, but we decided to cut ourselves a little slack. You know you've found a great spot when you cannot find the place because it's nestled into a random downtown nook and almost has that "dive" feel when you find some metered street parking nearby... but there are really fancy cars parked right in front. Chels... this place puts Scotty's landing to shame.

It's a fish market and a restaurant, so the fish literally comes right off the boat; and you can tell. It's soo delicious. We ate outside on the Miami River and two European couples pulled up on their jetskis in the swimsuits, climbed over the rail and sat in the booth next to us. Brandon said when he was there recently with a buddy from work (that's how we found out about it) there was a huge yaht pulled up to the rail and the people were inside eating.

SO, if you live here.. go check it out. My grilled dolphin sandwhich was delicious, so were the dolphin fingers. If you're cheap... they have free fish dip and saltines on the table. Otherwise, come for a visit and we'll check it out together. Clay & Gable... so bummed we didn't discover this jewel earlier!

Sunday night we had what we call "Agape Night" at the church. Just a little church-family potluck love night. We were celebrating Gabe and Andrea's marriage and sending them back to Uganda with love and a night of worship. Can I just say that I think we have the BEST worshippers at our church. I love the crew who leads us and I love the others standing there with me worshipping. It was beautiful, and soooo good.

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Brandon said...

I will remember that day for a long time. Thanks for a wonderful father's day, hon. And Sunday, what a night of worship that was!


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