Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I dressed myself!

We're trying to finish packing for the mountains (we leave on Thursday!!) so Acacia has been "helping" me. I pull the clothes out of the closet and put them in a suitcase, turn around to assist Jackson with something and when I turn back around, Acacia is pulling all the clothes out and trying them on. This girl LOVES to dress up. Oh, now that she's heard of a tea party, every time we sit down to eat, it's a (fill in the blank) party. Lunchtime has become a peanut butter sandwich party, dinner is a hamburger party, friday night is our family pizza party. She's so great.

* the tanktop in above pictures is the easiest thing I have ever made. Take your hubby's old shirt, cut off the sleeves, then cut right down the middle. Sew the cut seam almost up to the top, save about 3 inches. Cut a slit in the top for the head, or use pinking shears (so you don't have to hem) to make a U shaped neckline. Done! Two super cute identical tanktops, and they're nice and long, too.

Jackson is ridiculously handsome and also ALL OVER THE PLACE. He will not sit still. He bonked his eyebrow bone -hard- twice at Anthropologie the other day (thanks mom, got some super cute clothes; can't wait to show you), he flings himself out of my lap. He's not mobile yet (whew!) but he does push ups with his Papa at night. He can push his whole body up off the floor, balancing on his toes and hands. Oh... and he has two teeth now. Ah, my precious man-child.

Please check back in a day or two.
I am nearly finished with the world's cutest toddler backpack and free/ funky/ easy luggage tags


ziondreamer said...

You're amazing.

So - please expound.... cut right down the middle of what? the t-shirt or the sleeve? I don't quite get it.

typos call me kaite said...

okay, so my question:

once you have the smaller tube-like bodice what do you do about the neck hole and/or armpit holes? can you take a picture of the tank itself so we can see?!


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