Tuesday, September 29, 2009

see... cloth diapering really does pay!

Done deal!

Sold all my cloth diapers on ebay last week (Newborn Kissaluvs, Bummis wraps, one wool pull up, Under the Nile fitteds; in case you were curious), and made some pretty good money. Sunday night Braj and I, along with the little ones, headed over to the Apple store and took the plunge.

Me to salseman Joe: Two iPhones, please.
Joe: You know the apps are incredible... (trailed off)
Me: Do they have any that babysit?
Joe: No.
Me: What about laundry or dishes?
Joe: No.
Me: Change diapers?
Joe: No.

Oh well, maybe in a few years.

First things for my new iphone?
1. Make it Shannon-proof. Kids will get a hold of it. I will drop it. It will get tossed around in my gargantuan diaper bag. I don't care if it is the sleekest thing around, I just want to not be afraid to use it. So I got an Otterbox Defender online. You can find them for around $28.

2. Cool apps. I'm not ready to buy any because I'm still getting the hang of this thing. But here's the apps I have so far. PLEASE fill me in on any other great ones you know of or ones your kids like. Especially helpful are the ones to help me manage the home/food stuff.
- shazam
- pandora
- white noise lite
- mini piano
- doodle buddy
- crock pot recipes
- planets (acacia loves spinning the earth with her little fingers)
- mark on call (interior design)
- calvary radio
- urban spoon


juneheller said...

I guess this means you guys dropped sprint for at&t and now we can only be friends after 6pm or via text.

I'm totally jealous of your phone.

ziondreamer said...

Braj will also love "guitar toolkit".
I heart the Mills!


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