Friday, September 11, 2009

these are the days

Princess Tea Party:
We had some friends over for a no-specific-reason princess tea party (thanks Chels! Great idea!) A huge cookie with rainbow sprinkles, pink milk, ballet clothes and Acacia's new set of "butterfly wings" given to her by the 10 & 12 year old brothers that do our lawn.

Poor Jackson, totally outnumbered.
He wound up just sucking his toes for awhile and finally decided he'd rather take a nap. Which brings me to #2:

Sleep Training:
Jackson's sleep habits we're totally out of control. He wouldn't nap at all, he wanted to stay up until 11 at night. Then he'd crash every time we were in the car or if I was carrying him in the ergo at the market. He and Acacia were sharing a room and keeping each other up. It was awful. So, I borrowed a friend's Pack N Play and set it up in our extra large closet and that is Jackson's new home. He's napping pretty good and sleeping much better at night now. We did have to Ferberize though. Poor, sweet, precious kid. I hated hearing him cry but it was over after 2 nights and he's much happier now.

We're leaving super early in the morning to go with a group of teenagers from the church to a big Christian concert in Orlando. Should be fun. We've got the coolest group of kids going; I'm so excited to spend some time with them, a few sibling groups and a few solo teens. I think there will be about 8-10 total.

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