Sunday, November 22, 2009

the Santa issue

Last year Acacia thought Santa was Noah... from the Ark; and we just went with it.  However, last week someone asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her this year, so we can't exactly avoid it anymore.  I'm trying to figure out how to address this wisely. 

We have decided in our house that we want to celebrate Christmas by celebrating Jesus' birth.  We want to play down the presents and play up the celebration.  We'll do the advent calendar, an advent wreath at the table, a Christmas tree, she'll be getting a nativity set to play with, I'd like to do a birthday cake for Jesus, and I'm sure we'll think of other things along the way.  We will explain that people give gifts to show how much they love others, and we will encourage the kids to give gifts to people they love.

I've been trying to find a good kid's book that helps explain the whole Santa issue well.  There are some fantastic true Christmas story books out there, and some great classics about Santa... but not much to bridge the gap. 

Suggestions are welcome.  Here's the only three I've found so far...

Santa Celebrates Jesus' Birthday.  I can't see inside this one.  Sounds good from the reviews on Amazon, though.  Maybe I will see if I can get the CCBR to review it.

St. Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend.  I can't find an excerpt from this book either.  Perhaps another to email to CCBR.  I REALLY like that this actually explains who Santa was.  My only heisitation is whether it is very catholic.  Some of the books out there about St. Nick really go into his sainthood and miracles.  Not what I'm looking for.

The Night Jesus Met Santa Claus.  This is a story of Santa getting saved.  It's a little corny and there are some parts I don't like, but it is creative. 


juneheller said...

I think about this one a lot too.

I love having a tree, and I love to buy the little guy presents, but I don't want turn him into a Christmas monster who feels entitled to an xbox and a new wardrobe someday down the road.

I'm not going to do Santa, I think I'll just tell him Santa is a pretend person on TV like Mickey Mouse and the Wonderpets.

This issue is just one more checkmark in the pro-homeschooling column.

juneheller said...

The santa video is pretty awful.

The heart behind it is sweet, but the song is just awful, and kind of weird that santa is real and going down chimneys talking to jesus...I'd like it better if santa was working at the mall or ringing a bell outside of publix...

shannon said...

So true June! Awful. The whole point is to try to explain who Santa (Nicholas) really is to avoid confusion. This does the opposite. It would be better if it were a mall Santa. Good call.

ps. We went with the St. NIcholas story. That and a wooden nativity set. We'll take the rest as it comes.


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