Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Acacia and the marshmallow test

After seeing the original, I knew we had to try this at home. Our test was only 3 minutes but the whole video is 6. 

At about 1:00 she mouths "marshmallow" contemplates it and says, "I'm gonna wait."
At 2:05, Jackson climbed up into the chair next to her and crashed her tea party.  "Oops, Jackson spilled Mono's water!  It's on Mono's plate!"
But my favorite part is at 3:00 "Uh oh, this is not doing it.  This marshmallow is not doing it...  It's shaped in pants.  Shaped in shorts I guess.  Oh, that's okay. We'll just lay it right there on the back."

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Brandon said...

I've watched this 6 times. Thanks for putting this on there, hon. Kinda makes me want to do the marshmallow test to all sorts of random people, kids and adults. Maybe we can do a dark chocolate test with you!


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