Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10 things that made me smile today

1.  A mug of teeccino.  Mmmmm.
2.  Our cucumber seeds have sprouted!

3.  Acacia's Good Choices Jar.  A good choice is usually immediate obedience, showing kindness, or being helpful.  She gets a warm fuzzy for every good choice I catch her make.  When the jar is full, we will celebrate by doing something special.  Got the idea here.  I keep it vague- could be candy, could be the horse park.

4.  Our herb garden is thriving, especially the oregano.

5.  Watching Acacia jump.

6.  This flower bed.  I've had so much fun carving it out and I finished today.  Now... what to plant?

7.  Acacia's beautiful feet.

8.  Kids playing in muddy puddles.

9.  Flank steak for dinner; yummy...what a treat!
10.  A clean kitchen.  


1 comment:

Athena Scott said...

Loving your garden!!! We just started a new science curriculum on botany and so we will be planting a bunch of herbs and fun ;-)


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