Wednesday, June 9, 2010

15 more days, but who's counting?!

Our first mission trip with the the ragamuffins is right around the corner!  I can hardly wait... except for the packing part. 

Mission trip packing is always exciting and a little time consuming for me.  But this year I've got extra stuff to think about, so I need your help.  We will be staying with friends, inside, but I think the kids will be sleeping on a hard floor.  I'm excited about getting them their very first sleeping bags, but good grief... their are so many choices!

I have to confess the the Texan in me really wants matching sleeping bags.  But I realize that is unnecessary and they may be better off in their own, individual sleeping arrangements.  So, here it is:

1.  Pea Pod Plus $80
+ Built in mattress, you can leave it unzipped, folds up easily.
- It's expensive.  I will probably never use it again.  No telling whether Jack will actually want to sleep in it or not.

2.  Thick, quilted sleeping bag $50
+ very comfy, just warm enough, no need for bottom layer or pad, pretty dang cute.
-  Bulky.  Not sure what to do if one of them had an accident in it.  Indoor use only. 

3.  Kid-sized real sleeping bag $30
+ long term use, good price, more grown-up feel, comes with stuff sack, very transportable
- What do I do underneath this?  I need some sort of insulation between the bag and the floor.  They will both roll off sleep mats... maybe a thick blanket or quilt?  I think a nylon interior would be too noisy, but they have some with cotton/flannel interiors.


juneheller said...

I love the pea pod. I want one.

I think that a good kids sleeping bag ) will be useful beyond this one trip.

I would go with a camping sleeping bag, that way you know you'll be able to use it after this trip AND you'll be able to roll it up nice and small to bring down to Peru.

Did you look at the Kindercone at REI? Cute.

Don't worry about padding underneath the sleeping bag...didn't you sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag as a kid? we did all the time.

Anonymous said...

Love the Pea Pod, and think it would be great in Colorado too! Nina


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