Tuesday, July 20, 2010

prayer request

My stud youngest brother and his rad wife are on their way to Zambia as I type this.  They should arrive in Lusaka in the next hour or so.

They have two young children, the same age as mine, and they are going to have #3 in the next few days.

Banner Love Roby is living at the House of Moses Infant Rescue center in Zambia right now.  Daniel and Lesley, by God's grace and with His gentle instruction, are going to bring her home to Portland.

Please pray for:
1. God's grace for Banner, Daniel and Lesley, and their other children Noah and Abbey that are in Dallas with the grandparents.
2.  God's guidance and emotional strength as Daniel and Lesley have to choose one child that can come home with them.  They are not assigned a child as is sometimes the case.
3.  That Daniel and Lesley will feel God's presence and hear His voice guiding them and encouraging them throughout the entire trip.

 Did you know...
*There are approximately 1.5 million orphaned children in Zambia.
*Zambia has the highest proportion of children orphaned by AIDS in the world.
*Approximately 75 percent of all Zambian households are caring for at least one orphan.
*Child prostitution is widespread, especially in Lusaka, the capital.

More on the House of Moses, here and here and some great flickr pictures here.

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