Sunday, August 8, 2010

what's goin' on at the Mills fun-house.

Thanks for the prayers for my bro and his wife and their new girl, Banner.  They are still in Zambia, still needing prayers but they DO have Banner.  There is paperwork, meetings with people that have to sign the paperwork, meetings with other people that have to check the paperwork, more paperwork, flights to change because it has taken longer than they expected... etc.  But... they do have Banner and she is the most precious little girl.  I'm not at liberty to post pics yet, but I will as soon as I have permission.

We're moving.  We're not sure where, but this darling house finally sold.  We celebrate our 10th anniversary this December and we are moving into our 10th home since our wedding day.  I find comfort that God Himself is preparing a place for me.  A permanent, perfect, dwelling place.  Until then... I am a sojourner.  I'm glad to have to reminder that this world is NOT my home.

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