Monday, January 24, 2011

christmas- part 2 of 4

Christmas part 2 of 3 is from our day away.  Braj and I headed up to Boone for some much needed alone time to rest, enjoy each other, talk, listen, process and catch up.

We stayed in the Treehouse Suite (yes, my husband knows me very well!) at the Inn At Ragged Gardens in Blowing Rock.  It was dreamy.

Yep, this a gingerbread exact replica of the Inn and the grounds.  Someone had fun making this.

Some of the best "oh yeah!" and "a-ha!" moments up there.  Remembering.  Listening.

God's reminder to be faithful in the little things; little things like laundry, wiping snotty noses, feeding a family.  Realizing that my daily life is part of the journey, and part of the joy.  Not a distraction or hindrance to God's plan.

Remembering where we came from.

This is the building where Braj and I first raised our hands in worship.  Where our souls sang with rest of the college hippy congregation and a few migrant workers, "I found Jesus!"  Where we decided that our lives could have purpose, direction, meaning, and joy if we'd stop living for ourselves and start living for the One who made us.

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