Saturday, February 5, 2011

construction/art double birthday party

Because Braj and I both love to build things and work with our hands, the kid's are pretty into building, too.  Acacia is really quite an introvert and announced that she wanted a cake, but didn't want any friends over.  I want to give her plenty of room for being an introvert (although it is TOTALLY foreign to me), but I didn't want to eat the entire cake by myself... so we compromised.  We can make a cake together, but we have to invite friends over to share it.  Deal. 

And that's how the birthday celebration began.  And because I'm not into adding stress to my life, we decided to to a very cheap and super laid back semi-construction theme, dual birthday celebration.

For the evite, I found a design I liked on pingg, created by artist Shelby Healy, who also has an etsy shop.

I dressed both kids in thrift store overalls, $3 for both.  The cake was red velvet cake mix with white icing, and a rainbow sprinkle trail.  The Jeep is stuck in the middle and the digger is scooping up the sprinkles.  

In lieu of traditional party favors, each child got a home depot nail pouch with their name on it.  Each pouch contained a roll of masking tape, a mini tape measure, a paint brush, and a couple lollipops.  Total cost per pouch was about $3.   And presto, they had all the tools they needed to make their own fun.

Their job was to work on the shell of the kid's playhouse.  We had spray bottles with paint (which turned out to NOT be washable... oops!) around for them to use.  They were very busy spraying, painting, measuring, and taping whatever they could.  More about the playhouse coming up in the next post.


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