Saturday, March 12, 2011

wedding photography slideshow

As I have previously mentioned, it has been so much fun working as an assistant and as a 2nd shooter with my good friend, Heather Funk.  I put together a little slideshow with some of my pictures from the last few weddings.

Weddings are awesome.  It's hard not to think of the Bible's references to the church as the hopeful, prepared bride and Jesus as our eager groom.  Soon and very soon!


Anonymous said...

shan - are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?!!!! your work is simply amazing. i am so impressed and proud and totally thrilled! how fun! i can't believe how much your photography skills have developed in the short time you have had your camera. girl, you seriously have a gift and it is developing more and more and i am just loving seeing your stuff!

Gable said...

SHANNON! you're a photographer! wow- amazing pictures, woman. seriously so proud of what you're doing...keep posting. LOVING seeing your progression!

Beauty in the Making said...

WOW! I so love this!!! Thank you for sharing it with me. You have a beautiful eye. I Love you! :)

ziondreamer said...

You took these?? Girl you an artist.

Looks fantastic!

The first wedding reminds me of a cute wedding my kids got to be in last fall.

Hey I love you tons. I'm so excited to see you flexing your creative muscles. What fun!


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