Friday, January 25, 2008

acacia at work

A quick picture and a couple short videos. Eat your heart out. She's one yummy little muffin.

She found this worm on her own and had a very nice torturing the poor little thing.

Goin' for a ride in the magic flying basket.

Haulin' her jug o' honey... pooh-style.


ziondreamer said...

thanks for the info on the comment settings - I hadn't even thought of it.
I love how you call Acacia muffin. Precious. I love how she krinkles her nose like Linda.
I love seeing you as a mommy. You are so beautiful.

Love you!!

juneheller said...

who needs tv? acacia tv is great entertainment for those late night feedings!

Drew Hill said...

Shannon, drew hill here, brandon's friend from middle school. we got y'alls christmas card, but lost your new address. could u email it to me: thx, drew


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