Monday, January 21, 2008

Party Pics!

Acacia's Birthday Barbecue was a success. The food was delicious, the lemonade was flowing, the music was international, and the friends were all here!
My tribute to Grandma Roby: the first thing I made on her Bernina. A lovely, festive banner.

Waiting for the party to start, looking good in her new miniskirt.

The happy birthday song and blowing out the candle were a little confusing.

Chowing down on mama's harvest cupcakes, num num num!

Some of Acacia's neighborhood friends: (l to r) Chloë, Zoë, Audrey, Hannah, and Tiffany

Rebecca and baby Iris.
Rebecca is my neighbor and has become a good friend. One night when Acacia was about 5 months old I didn't have the milk to nurse her, nor did I have any bottles or formula on hand (why would I? I wasn't going to do that). So, in my bare feet, I ran to her house; a naked Acacia in tow, crying, and said, "My baby is starving, will you please feed her?" This is a true story. She helped me calm down, Iris is her third kid and she's past the overwhelmed first-time mommy phase. She lent me a bottle and some formula. We gave some to Acacia right there, she drank about an ounce and then wanted to play with Iris. Obviously not starving. Anyway, that's my history with Rebecca, Iris turns one next month.

Jonna and little miss violet. Jonna's another neighbor, I met her through Rebecca. Violet is her third as well. We're all part of a playgroup.

Dominique with baby Mattis and Lodi with baby Eli (pronounced El-lee), short for Elizabeth. Both are very good friends that we have known for years from church.

Kids on sugar highs or fu-nny. Hannah, Jade, and Zoe. Notice the cupcakes... anything strange about that? Yes, the harvest cupcakes were a hit... with the parents. Brandon, being the thoughtful papa that he is, picked up some "real" cupcakes at the grocery store because, "the neighborhood kids are coming over expecting a birthday party. They're not going to want bran muffins disguised as cupcakes." Thanks, babe. You were right. Besides, now I can eat leftover harvest cupcakes for breakfast... I just tell myself they're bran muffins!


Mimi said...

What fun these pics are! Thanks for sharing the happy occasion with us. Acacia looks like she has already grown since we saw her a few weeks ago, especially in the first picture of her pushing the lady bug. She looks so grown up!
Much love,

Chelsea Hudson said...

OMG - I can't believe she is ONE already!!!! I so vividly remember talking to you right before you had her and then that horrific week after.... WOW.... A year ago really?? Give the little muffine some lovin' from Phoenix! Wish we could have come to the party. Missing you guys a ton! Looks like our little bun in the oven is baking ultra fast and will be ready in a couple of weeks rather than over a month. Yikes! Not sure if I am ready..... but who is ever really ready, you know?

Chelsea Hudson said...

oh and the Mom your ride video is the best.... i laughed soooooo stinkin hard. i am so keeping it real.


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