Sunday, February 10, 2008

and now... the moment you've all been waiting for

The stomach bug is all over, thank God; no medicine needed, just alot of resting. I've been wanting to post a video clip of her waking for awhile, but it's was on my to-do back list. It found it's way to the front of the list this weekend, so here's a little clip of her and her Little Tikes car, a birthday gift from my parents.

In other news... I got my hair chopped off on Saturday and I look exactly like my mom. Since she is a total knock-out, that's not a bad thing. I just feel like a real grown up now. I'll have to leave you all in suspense of my new 'do until I'm having a good enough hair day to take a picture! Amanda, if you're reading this and you really come visit me, maybe you can give some tips.

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