Tuesday, February 5, 2008

poor brave little muffin

Last night Acacia barfed (or shall I say ralphed, hurled, puked, blew chunks?) up her organic baked sweet potato which started an all night barf-o-rama. She was vomiting every 10 to 15 minutes for 4 hours and then her bile turned dark brown and got really thick. We took her to the children's hospital at about midnight. They gave her something to stop the vomiting and hooked her up to an IV for fluids. Get this... she watched the nurse put the needle in her hand and did not cry, or hardly even flinch. Brave little muffin.
They released her at 5 this morning and she's been sleeping since then. No, she did not sleep at the hospital. I gave her some diluted gatorade in a bottle this morning and snapped a quick shot with her in her hospital gown (they let us keep it), her ankle id tag, and the bandage from her IV so you could all see how precious and pitiful our brave little muffin is.


The Clay Family said...

What a warrior! It's amazing how brave and patient such a little one can be... it's like when we are pushed up against a wall - that's when you really get to see what we are made of... looks like miss acacia is made of some pretty tough stuff!

Good Job, mamma & pappa! I know it's got to be horrible to watch your little muffin go through such an aweful ordeal. Way to hang in there with her!

Chelsea Hudson said...

awwww, how sad.... what did she have??? poor thing.. and poor momma and daddy.


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