Sunday, February 3, 2008

the muffin advances

Thank you all very, very much for your comments, emails, phone calls, and prayers. We all three survived (of course) and things have already improved greatly.
She has officially transitioned to one nap and is fully walking too. Yes, seemingly small transitions are very big when you have only been on earth for 12 months.
Speaking of transitions, I thought I'd fill you all in on how well the muffin is advancing.

She walks: almost always, sometimes pushing stuff, often barefoot and outside (gasp!)

She talks: mama, papa, mono (her monkey), bye bye, wow, agua, brita (the neighbor's chihuahua), abu babu (what?)

She plays: outside usually, loading and unloading various containers, and flipping through her books

She likes: peaches, lying on her "fuzzy fuzzy" after her bath, teething biscuits (yes, I know), giving papa kisses, playing with mulch and rocks (don't say it), going to the park


Mimi said...

My, Muffin has made great strides since we saw her last! So glad the difficult days of the last couple of weeks are now a fading memory as you bask in the sunshine with her exploring and playing. We look forward to seeing her walking and even running by our next visit.
Love and prayers to you three troopers,
Mom (alias Mimi)

juneheller said...

You forgot to mention how she lights up a room and delights the hearts of everyone who meets her...

I am so glad that the sleep situation worked itself out. I hope that her one nap is nice and long!!

You're a great Mommy, thanks for blazing the trail for us.

-June and Dylan


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