Wednesday, March 12, 2008

about acacia's eye appointment

We had Acacia's appointment at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute today and despite the 3 hours of tests and waiting, it was a very pleasant experience. We are very fortunate to live so close to this outstanding facility. There are many parents who travel great distances to come to the BPEI.

Three doctors (including one from Thailand) tested and inspected muffin's eyes as she patiently cooperated. She didn't even make a peep with they put the stinging eye drops in to dilate her pupils. What a trooper!

All three doctors agreed that she's not exactly cross eyed, but she's not in the clear either. Her left eye turns in slightly; so we'll go back in four months and then twice a year until they feel like she's safe.

I met the coolest Israeli couple in the waiting room. They had a little two year old girl named Noya that was there for a check up. They tried to describe the meaning behind her name but with the language barrier all I got was that it means something like "beautiful of God". We toyed around with the name Noya for Acacia but I didn't know about the Hebrew meaning, that certainly makes it all the more appealing. Lovely family, lovely doctors, lovely muffin, lovely day.

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