Thursday, March 13, 2008

not yogurt, yo-goat!

In my quest to find a milk to supplement mommy's milk for Acacia I've tried everything. I went from formula to whole cow's milk to soy. When none of those worked, I got alternative. Almond milk, rice milk, and finally drinkable goat's milk yogurt. I mean yo-goat. Of course, she is not the least bit interested in the almond or rice milk but that yo-goat hit the spot. I stuck a straw in the top and she slurped the whole thing down in one sitting.


Chelsea Hudson said...

suweeet! now your boobs can get a rest. :) mine need one..... but ain't getting one in a long while. how are you guys? missing y'all like crazy! will catch up to the muffin!

juneheller said...

Abby drinks goats milk too. Should you, me and Heather go in on a goat and start a co-op?


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