Thursday, July 31, 2008

out of the wilderness

We just spent the most fantastic couple of weeks in the North Carolina mountains. My cool Aunt Leslie has a sweet cabin outside of Black Mountain and she let us pretend like it was ours for two weeks... thanks Leslie!!

I had one week with Brandon and his family (mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law) and then my parents and grandparents came up as his family was leaving and I got to have another five days!

Here's some of my favorite pictures so far...Acacia in her new Keens, ready for her very first hike!

This is such a classic shot, isn't it?

Acacia and "Pops" (her Grandpa Mills) with their hiking sticks, ready for anything.

I love this picture of Brandon with Acacia in the Ergo (carrier), and I LOVE the Ergo!!!

What are vacations really for if you can't snuggle up with a fuzzy blanket and snooze a little?

Brandon went fly fishing with his brother and dad. I think this is Brian's first fly fishing catch; don't you love that expression?

A visit to the local toy store turned up some fantastic treasures.

Just so you all know that I still wear shorts with hiking boots and wool socks whenever given the chance.

Thought I'd finish with this paparazzi shot. Man, those guys are everywhere, aren't they?! Can't a girl just take a vacation?

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