Friday, September 26, 2008

follow up to pregnancy post

I've got it under control, thanks for your help.

I cannot eat enough arugula and I'm making myself big pasta salads full of veggies for lunch. That seems to help with the snacking and cravings. I did break down and buy ice cream earlier this week, but the good news is there is still some left. The bad news is that it's not Blue Bell.

I've buckled down and committed to some sort of exercise every day. Preferably the workout video, but that takes most of Acacia's nap time... so I only get to do it if I've already finished everything else I need to do for the day. It's starting to "cool off" a bit in the evenings so if I can't get the workout video in I've been taking Acacia on walk. Thanks for your help... and accountability.

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