Monday, September 15, 2008

pregnancy post

So, I'm just over 23 weeks along... which means just a few short weeks until I am officially in my THIRD TRIMESTER! Whoa, this pregnancy has flown by!

Pregnant with our little boy (23 weeks)

Pregnant with Acacia (24 weeks...mid-September 2006)

I'm asking for some feedback here. You can post comments, or email me... or just give me a call.

Here's the situation... I've been exercising pretty regularly and eating great and feeling awesome until about the last week. But, recently I've been sooooo hungry (which scares me... mostly because I don't know what to eat so I end up snacking) and starting to feel my body slow down (which scares me... mostly because I'm not ready to slow down).

I REALLY want to stay in some sort of shape through the end of this pregnancy. I know I'll need the energy for a safe, natural childbirth and I don't want to have such a ridiculously long recovery period. So... please tell me what to do. Thanks.


Hubby said...

Maybe a safe, natural hospital birth??

Probably not, huh. OK, I digress...

juneheller said...

You probably don't want advice from the girl who gained 70 pounds and ate everything within a 5 mile radius...AND would have stopped walking if her husband would have been willing to spring for an electric wheelchair...

I can tell you what NOT to do...don't buy 14 packets of HobNobs at Epicure. No one should ever spend that much money on cookies. ever. trust me.

Whatever happened to... (bloggers hate it when their friends quote the blogger in the comment section) "I found this awesome video of former Cirque de Soliel trapeze artist, Karyne Steben..."

Your body might be telling you to take a rest, chill out and push that baby out in a nice, clean hospital. (Brandon, you can pay me later)

Just think, someone else to clean up after you push out "what'shisname?".

The only advice I have for you on working out while pregnant Carri.

Gable said...

thought this looked like you. let me know if it helps~

Gable said...

shannon, you're really not helping me to add to my unproductivity level at work. i need more blog posts, please.


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