Thursday, October 9, 2008

family pics at the beach

I am astounded at how well these turned out. I mean, I know Heather is good... but I am such a nerd in front of the camera. I was nervous the whole day that I'd have my eyes closed or be making weird faces in all the pictures. But Heather is even better than I knew. The best part is she took them at a very high resolution so we can get them blown up as much as we'd like.

I think this first one might become a wall mural!


juneheller said...

These are AWESOME. You guys look so good, nice job on the styling, Shannon, you guys all look great together. I love the tank top with the jeans for a maternity look, such a hip momma. Little Cedar Chip is such a blessed boy. said...

Ok Shannon, I'm leaving you a comment because I just feel so happy looking at your breathtaking family. I stumbled on your blog through Nikki's blog, and I've peeked a few times...not feeling worthy to comment since I'm not a blogger....just wanting to feel still connected to my silk sistas...but WOW! I just want to hug that scrumptious Acacia. What an amazing thing a happy family is.You guys know God's goodness, and it is evident in these sweet pictures. That makes me so happy! Miss you and love you! Can't wait to meet your son! :)

Abby said...

Shannon, these pictures are great!
I love the one where Acacia is sticking her tongue out. Shes precious!

Anonymous said...

oh oh oh I LOVE these!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the black and white of Acacia and Braj!! And the first one of the three of you and the ones from the legs level... just love them, girl! miss you guys tons! :(

Phyllis Mills said...

We just love these pictures! I look at them every day and feel a little more connected to you. Acacia is growing so much! It is obvious that you two are incredible parents with a joyous little girl...and soon the three become four.


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