Monday, November 24, 2008

baby on the brain

I realize I've been neglectful in blogging, but sometimes there are other priorities. That's my excuse; I've had baby on the brain.

Acacia's room is basically finished, it looks great. I'm almost finished with her "big sister" t-shirt dress that matches mommy's skirt. Our bedroom is cleared of excess furniture and random storage and is a relaxing, quiet, safe place to give birth. Acacia's room is clutter-free and peaceful, too. The downstairs is streamlined and pretty well organized. I've even started freezing yummy homemade rolls for after the baby is born and Brandon and I need quick nourishment. I guess you could say I've pretty thoroughly nested. I'm 33 or 34 weeks... just 4-7 weeks to go. Still no name for our little guy, but we will have another ultrasound to make sure it is actually a boy.

Brandon and I both knew with Acacia that her name reflected the character that God wanted to create in her. We feel the same with this little guy. We may not have a name, but we know God is calling him to be a true worshiper. One who can worship God even in storms; not just when everything is going his way. I'm not a singer, but I would love to welcome our little boy into the world worshiping God. I think this is the most beautiful labor I have ever seen, enjoy.

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Phyllis Mills said...

It sounds like you've been a bundle of energy lately, getting so much accomplished!
If you have a song in your heart and feel like singing while you're in labor, I'm sure it will be a beautiful sound to your precious little one and to your Heavenly Father.
Love you!


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