Sunday, November 9, 2008

suprise party for Baba!

I just got back from a quick trip to Dallas; Acacia and I had a blast.

My dad (Acacia's Baba) is retiring December 31st and starting a new international telecommunications company, Concero Global. The company he has been working with for the last 20 or so years threw him a big surprise retirement party and flew all of us kids in town for the occasion. He was completely caught off guard; it was so much fun.

Way to go, Dad! I'm so proud of you; both for sticking it out the last 20 years and for venturing out into new territory now. You and Caleb, still as strong as you were when you started. I love you.


Gable said...

so sweet.

LOVED seeing you and muffin this weekend...and would love even more to come see you again before you deliver:)

ziondreamer said...

What an amazing night! I am sure he is still on cloud nine!

In other news:
How are you and Leslie planning these coincidental pregnancies?


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