Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a giveaway!

All the really cool blogs have giveaways, so I thought I'd jump in with the big dogs.

I finally finished making my annual instant chai latte and decaf chocolate-hazelnut latte mixes.

So...the first 5 people who post a comment telling me which blend they'd prefer, I'll send you a big jar full of yummy coziness.


Chelsea Hudson said...

ooooh oooh oooh CHAI!!!!!!!! I miss you friend and will think of you each time I drink my yummy chai (I remember making this with you last time in Miami!!)

Gable said...

CHAI! shannon you know i think of you every time i taste chai...or smell it...or even hear the word. you made a huge impression on me that first year in the maxwell house with all your homemade goodies:)

shannon said...

Yeah! Finally, two takers for my giveaway. Be expecting your jar-o-coziness very soon!

Oh, Gable... I've reserved a family sized jar for the Maxwell House. Mmmmmmm good.

Gable said...

awesome. so when are we all going up there? how old does little Male Mills have to be in order to fly to colorado!?

Anonymous said...

ummmm kaite bee it too late? and can i ask the many allergies here...are they coffee or just chai tea/choco? i am so happy to hear about jackson's safe arrival. hope to be down in april for my friend joe's wedding in orlando. and YES i'm thinking side-trip to visit what is now the mills CREW!


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