Monday, December 29, 2008

the long awaited nursery tour!

Another completed project!!

Tree mural! Brandon drew it and I filled it in:

The bumper was the inspiration, thanks Babe... excellent work:

The empty crib and Acacia's big sister dress hanging...waiting...:

Guest bed and Acacia's toddler bed:

Acacia has been sleeping in her "big girl bed" for a few weeks now:

Sometimes she'll spend her naptime in this moses basket reading to mono & lulu (her monkey and doll) under the light of the mango tree outside her window:

Diaper changing station:

One of my favorite things in there- this barn nightlight:

1 comment:

Gable said...

WOW!!! it looks GREAT! i can't believe you've done all this with that big belly:) what a wonderful, peaceful room for the little guy to be welcomed home in. i'm so proud of you, shan. love you.


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