Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ballerina girl

Well, we officially signed Acacia up for ballet class. She totally loves it and practices on her own at home. They have a toddler class at In Motion which isn't too far from our house. Here's your little ballerina princess in action:

Acacia (far left) with her classmates.

A very short video. My camera only records for 17 seconds until the memory card is full. I'll try to get more next time. Or, if you really want to see more, you could take her next Tuesday!


Brandon said...

Seeing that just kept me going through a hard day. Love you hon!

The Clay Family said...

Absolutely precious! Acacia looks like she is having an absolute ball. What a great ballarina!

Gable said...

love the little shoes that curl her toes up! PRESH.


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