Thursday, February 19, 2009

or I could just shave it all off

I can never fully appreciate something until it's gone.

My hair went from stick straight to curly when I hit puberty. I should have known it could reverse just as quickly.

Just before I got pregnant with Jackson I got a cute, short, curly-hair cut. Here's the 'do and another big decision I had to make.

Then my hair went straight. I was in denial most of the pregnancy. I kept it in a ponytail, or my signature pig tail things. I am no longer in denial, though. My hair is straight, and I have no idea what to do with it.

Do I break down and buy a hairdryer and one of those round brush things? What do people with straight hair do? Am I doomed to an eternal ponytail? What about haircuts? How often? Layers? I need some input, please leave a comment, or check the appropriate box in my survey.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Straight hair? i can't even picture it on you. :) Why couldn't I have gotten your curls? I wish my hair would have done something cool and extreme.... instead? It is dull, lifeless, DISGUSTING now. I used to love my hair. Maybe thats why it happened. I don't know, all I know is that I hate, and I mean HATE my hair now. As for straight? do random, choppy layers... just let it go wild as is. I like that look. If only mine would go wild. instead? mine is like the conservative homeschool girl in a long denim skirt and a button up shirt with short sleeves sitting on the bench at the roller skating rink and not skating because heaven forbid there is rock music playing. I can say that cause I used to dress like that.

Gable said...

ok. question: are you complaining about your hair? i just need some clarification here. because SURELY you aren't. i mean, that would just be mean. like rub-it-in-your-face mean. and you're not mean. so i'm going to ASSUME that you are just confused about how to transition into this next phase of straight-hair-ness. if so, great. i can talk with you about straight hair. but if you're complaining about your thick beautiful voluminous hair, then consider us un-relatives.

Gable said...

by the way, are you considering your hair "straight" in that picture with the ice cream? b/c i think its ADORABLE just like that! people pay big money to get their straight hair to do that!


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