Thursday, March 26, 2009

Acacia breastfeeds in public

No, I don't breastfeed her... she breastfeeds.

She's been nursing her stuffed animals since Jackson was born, but last Friday takes the cake. We had our standing playdate with the neighborhood crew and her friend, Mae, had one of those dolls that cries. Acacia had been playing with it for awhile and the moment it started to whimper, she lifted her shirt up and said, "The baby's crying because he wants some more leche." Then she walked around holding the baby to her breast while playing with the toy vacuum. Yes, she is a multi-tasker!


Gable said...

hilarious! next time, take a video! love you.

juneheller said...

she's totally yours

The Clay Family said...

LOVE IT! & ditto to June's comment. ;0)


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