Friday, March 27, 2009

my very first imovie!

We have had to use our camera as a video camera for the last few years which only holds very short clips of footage... not adequate for the two precious ones we have. So we scored a Flip off woot a week or so ago. I'll post more movies now that I have my new toy; imovie is so much fun to use and it's so super easy.

But for now, you'll have to make do with Mimi & Pops' camera capturing my darling prima ballerina, and my rockin' soundtrack!


juneheller said...

I need to pilfer through your itunes, what a rockin soundtrack.

There is an option in imovie called "share" and under share you can make the file smaller for loading up to the web. Also, you need to try out some transitions in imovie.

Acacia is a lovely ballerina.

shannon said...

yes, the share option is what I used... how easy!

Yes yes yes... transitions. Coming up next... from the flip!

The Clay Family said...

Precious! Thanks for sharing!


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