Saturday, April 25, 2009

a dwelling curator

I woke up before the kids this morning and God greeted me with the most beautiful sunrise and refreshing ocean breeze. I sat on our front patio and sipped some decaf hazelnut latte and dove into Titus 2. I've been craving some wisdom/ direction as a stay-at-home mom of two little ones and I knew Titus would lend a hand. This is what I gleaned (in the order given from verses 3-5):

Verse 3 says, "teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live." The Greek word used here is hieroprepes. It is the only use in the entire Bible. This is the definition:
Appropriate for sacred persons, venerable, fitting for one involved in hallowed work. To conduct oneself in a manner appropriate for one who lives in the realm of the Divine, walking in the presence of God.
Does that blow your mind or what?! Being a mom is a sacred service to God.

We (young, stay-at-home moms) sometimes have to be reminded/ encouraged to:

1. Be sane. Sleep deprived and up to your ears in diapers with spit up all over your shirt can cause irrational behavior. God knew that.
2. Love our husbands and children. Not always as easy as one would think ;o)
3. Voluntarily place limits on our own freedom. Gulp. This has nothing to do with Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate, by the way. Ice cream helps me achieve goal #1.
4. Be pure (modest). This doesn't mean we have to dress frumpy. See #2.
5. My favorite. Be a dwelling curator. My Bible actually says "be busy at home" but I looked it up in Greek and a dwelling curator is a closer translation... with a Shannon spin.
6. Be kindhearted.
7. Adapt to our husbands. This is a very good way to act out #2.


juneheller said...

This was a very good post, Shannon.

3. is the hardest one of all...especially when I hear all of the messages out there about "me time" and girlfriend vacations...

4. ugh, it's hard to be humble! (kidding)

5. I'm assuming this includes cleaning

and I think I have #7 nailed...

The Clay Family said...

Thanks for sharing! Praise God for keeping us moms in mind - sometimes it seems the rest of the world forgets us.


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